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Trading Platforms

VertexFX Beginners Guide

The easiest way to use the VertexFX Client Terminal is to open a demo account and start trading on the available symbols on the market watch.

Demo Account

Click on demo account and fill up the form and download the application, we would send you a demo account User Id and Password on your email.

Open Position / Start Trading

To make a fast trade just go to the Market Watch and double click on the desired symbol that you want to trade with.

VertesFX Beginners Guide

Then the one click trade screen will open for you, from this window you can set the amount of your trade and by one click open your trade.

VertesFX Beginners Guide
  • From this window you will notice that the bid price is the sell price and the ask price is the buy price.
  • And the spread will be the difference between the bid and ask prices.
  • To open a market order just click on the "Sell at/ Buy at" button so your position will be opened on the bid/ask price.
  • And if you want to set a limit stop order just click on any (Sell Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Limit or Buy Stop) from the one click trade screen, then your limit/ stop order will be pending till the market price hit your limit/ stop order price and turn to a market order.
  • To view your position/ orders which you have placed, go to the Trade Panel and you will see your open positions and the pending orders.
VertesFX Beginners Guide

Close your open positions

  • To close any of your open position, press right click on the position in the trade panel and choose close position, then the one click trade screen will open on the close tab.
  • From this window you can close the position with the market price by clicking on the "Close at Price".
  • Or you can set a take profit or stop loss order for this position by clicking on the desired close price on this window.
  • If you have many Sell and Buy position on the same symbol, you can close them by hedge by going to the tab Close By Hedge then either you will close you position with another opposite one by hedge, or close all your positions by hedge.
VertesFX Beginners Guide