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Regulatory Disclaimer

In issuing an Investment Dealer License to the Company, the Mauritius Financial Services Commission does not vouch –

The license issued by FSC to "VIBHS FINANCIALS LTD" relates to services on "securities" as defined under the Securities Act 2005, and it does not authorize the company to provide similar services on other financial products.

As per the Securities Act 2005, Securities include options, futures, forwards and other derivatives whether on securities or commodities. Spot FOREX is a financial derivative and therefore fall under the definition of Securities.

Every person/entity should deal with the company at their own risk and shall not be protected by any statutory compensation arrangements in Mauritius in any events whatsoever.

Every person/entity proposing to trade on such products or with the company is recommended to seek independent advice on the investment viability and risk associated to such products and services proposed by the company.